Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Balikbayan ako!

The clock is ticking and I'm about to leave the PH again, just writing a few notes before it's good night.

When we arrived here in the beginning of March I was lucky to get "bb" in the passport instead of the normal "21 days", it means I can stay for 1 year without any extensions added to my passport, now that I'm married to Karen AND brought the marriage contract translated into English with us to show the immigration office as we arrived. I was very happy to learn that I was now a "Balikbayan" / "A returning resident".

By looking at my older blogposts I can also see that I was really much more of a "foreginer" before than now, things are not as unusual anymore, today I noticed things that my Norwegian friends would react to but are now going past me almost without notice :-)

I got an infection in my soft tissue after an ant had bit me after a swim in a pool that perhaps was not as clean as we thought, antibiotics for 3 weeks, nice :-p

No more time to say anything else this time, cheers!

Oh, and now I like sinigang :-)