Friday, January 11, 2008

A typical frustrated shopping event

It's not always easy!

So I'm out looking for "Silica Gel" (the small bags that absorb mousture that you may find a box of new shoes).
I'm prepared this time - bringing an example so I don't have to go through the painstaking process of trying to explain what/the purpose of what I need (As I didn't realize it was called "Silica Gel") "Small pellet that absorb moisture".
After my helper saw the example he let me straight to it :-) ("Wow this was easy" I'm thinking.)
Tip no 1: Bring an example or photo of what you need.
Not sure how many I need I dare to ask a girl passing how "effective" they are... Ok that's not an easy question, how can you meassure that... but after giggling in Taglish with some co-workers I get the answer (while she's trying to seem realy interrested in the product) "It's effective Sir".
Eh ok! Hehe so I grab 1 pack and hope it's effective "enough" :)

Now I need some Duct tape, I've bought this before and know were it's located but this time I take my time looking at all the 15+ types of tape available as I realy want the best one this time.
So I'm standing there with 2 types, one perhaps local brand and one of "Scotch", the latter 3 times more expensive and less tape.
This is just too strange to me so I again dare to ask the staff nearby.
(Warning the following reminds me about India.)
"Excuse me, can you tell me the difference between these two tapes, is it only the brand?"
- "...(looking)... Different brand Sir"
Tip no 2: Never ask more than 1 question in the same sentence! :D
(Starting to get fired up)
"Yes I'm telling you that, but I'm asking if there is any other difference, like the quality"
- ... "this one is better Sir" (says staff member nr 2)
"Why? Will this tear less easy than this one (and pointing at the cheap tape!)?"
- Yes Sir"
"Ok, so you're saying that the expensive tape is of less quality than the cheaper one?"
- ..."This one is 10% "off" Sir" (pointing at the expensive one)
Tip no 3: Don't always expect staff members to understand their own misstakes.

(I ended up getting the cheap tape, marked "Extra strength")

This was from "Ace Hardware" and in general this describes that staff's knowledge, some people has the knowledge they should while there are too many young people that work as "decoration" among the shelves.

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