Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My first real earthquake!

Today I felt a "real" earthquake for the first time.

First we thought we were dizzy but then, no, the building is going from side to side!
The chime in the window was starting swing from side to side and to play, it lasted for about 20 seconds.

The earthquake was 6.0, but 4.2 in Luzon, as we live on the 20th floor it felt greater, 195Km from its origin.

Links to websites about the shake: USGS, GMANews

THE Volcano, Mount PInatubo

In 1991 the biggest explosion the world had seen in more than 100 years occurs, Mount Pinatubo errupted!

AMCI Batch 2006 organized a climb here and we joined :-)

Mainly we walked in what was a "small river" that after the erruption was converted into a "desert valley", not by lava but by flooding lahar (water and ash). Massive!

Monday, November 12, 2007


11.11.07 the day we sat personal records!

1.5 years ago I had maximum ran 7-8km, then after joining the training with AMCI we've been running longer and longer, first milestone was 10k, then our "exam" was 15k, then one day we did 20k (very slowly) so why not join the New Balance Power Race 25k? :-)
1 year ago 3k was a challenge for Karen, we both signed up!

The same day as we arrived at the airport from our "sidetrip" after the BMC Induction Climb, we headed for "Clark Freeport Zone" (Formely the biggest US army base outside of US, now it holds various establishments and private communities.) a very sceneric place! When I was feeling tired of running I would relax a bit and enjoy the good view to try and forget the lactic acid building up in my muscles ;)
Unfortunately I didn't run with my (1 kilo) camera so the 5 water buffalos grassing on big plains with mountain ranges in the background can only be imagined.

Here are some pictures:

My face is sooo red! :) and only half way...

So tired but smiling, of course!
12K, the last waterstation before the turning point at 12,5 (then going back the same way)

In the middle of nowhere and still going strong :)

Most of the AMCI people that joined the race (Only TB didn't finish)

FINISH! So happy :-))

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we did it!

Our precious feet longing for some pampering!

In the bag we got at the finishline there was a cream for helping aching mucles, a bandaid for the same and a tablet again for the same and today the day after there is a lot of aching going on! :D