Monday, August 20, 2007

TC2 Mariveles mountain ridges

The second training climb with BMC is well over, it was a great nature experience as I hope you can see from the pictures in the picasa album.

The treck took place along the mountain ridges of Mount Mariveles, Balaan, a 2-3 hour drive north of Manila (when there is little traffic).

We mostly walked "inside" the forest and had to use ropes in some places. The weather was on our side with clouds the first day, a little rain during the night and partially sunny the next day.

Here is the view we had before entering "The Jungle" and grass and big trees were the basic scenery.

Apart from my blisters this was a trouble free treck and we're both looking forward to TC3, a climb that will be over 3 days in colder and higher climate. :-)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Christina Aguilera concert - Back to Basics tour

Of course we had to see this "hot mama" when she was in Manila (at "The Fort") the 6th July.
By now I'm well aware of "Filipino time" but still, this was a concert we didn't wan't to miss the start of so when it was said to "start" at 6pm we didn't want to delay it too long, so arrived at 6:30...

"No people", we were the "first one there", oh well, let's eat the pizza we brought before entering at least :-)

[Nammmm, Corona chicken salsa pizza from Yellow cab with lime juice on top.]

Being prepared for the "Oh well" is always good!

The concert started 8:30PM after the street dancers All stars's had warmed up the crowd.

I guess there are better V.I.P. (at the very front, not us) seats elsewhere compared to these white plastic chairs. At the back of the chairs was a fence before the standing spectators, they didn't see much as that was realy faaar back.

[Enjoying the view of white chairs]

Having to kill time there was no way we were going to say no to free tatooes. "Henna" they said, but that was just to indicate that it was not permanent, it was actually glue + some glittering powder in the colour of your choice. It had to be black :-)
[Yeeey, so exited to have a tatoo]

"No cameras allowed" so we left them at home.
(Still some people had cameras... grrr)

We brought 2 binoculars and in combination with my cellphone's camera I managed to take a few "decent" shots :-)

The program, as printed at the back of an official t-shirt.

When it was 2 minutes left of the concert it started raining, perfect timing :-)