Sunday, May 13, 2007

More swimming in the aquarium

This saturday we went for a day-trip of diving, again to the same place as before Dive and Trek in Batangas.

It was magical just like this castle on the way ;)

We had to deal with a falling coconut tree blocking the way.

It was a great day with lots of nice things to look at. Thank's to Neil for planning the route :)

Total driving: 7 hours
Diving: 125minutes
Max depth: 97 ft / 29,5m
Avg depth: 85ft
Visibility: 43-20ft
Dives: 3
Water temperature: 29° C

Marine life: Harlequin ghost pipe fish, Clown trigger fish, Blow fish, Lion fish, Giant clam, Clown fish (Nemo) + + +

The highlight was going to a small cave / tunnel aka "The bat cave" where we looked at the various creatures inside before swiming through it.

My tank bumped a little on the upper wall as it was a narrow exit.

I had some snot in my sinuses (bihuler) and on the second and third dive this was really painful as the dives started.

Ready to hit the sea :-)

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