Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hipp hipp hurra for 17. Mai!! :-)

After getting the best invitation to come celebrating the 17th of May we of course had to go, and it is was a good time!

"Camilla" was wishing everyone welcome before we paraded (gikk i tog) around the gras in the middle of the buildings a few times, hummed to norwegian songs and shouted
Hipp hipp hurraaaaa!!! Hurra hurra hurraaa!!

After all the activity we enjoyed the elementary food on a day like this, pølse i brød, hot dog :)

Karen is just very fond of kids! :-)

Then we had some games and I participated in a potato, bag-jumping and go around the bottle for 20 times -relay race (stafett)

Here I have to see myself beaten ;)

Posing ;)

After the games and a good service (gudstjeneste) by the Norvegian priest Stein Vangen we went to the official celebration hosted by the Norwegian embassy, at the Mandarin hotel, Grand ballroom.

Here together with the official representative of the Philippine government and the Norwegian ambassador.

When home and about to open the door,
"Oh no! Where is the key??"
3 hours later we are again home and happy we were able to retrieve the spare key on a short notice! :-)))

Very relieved!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

More swimming in the aquarium

This saturday we went for a day-trip of diving, again to the same place as before Dive and Trek in Batangas.

It was magical just like this castle on the way ;)

We had to deal with a falling coconut tree blocking the way.

It was a great day with lots of nice things to look at. Thank's to Neil for planning the route :)

Total driving: 7 hours
Diving: 125minutes
Max depth: 97 ft / 29,5m
Avg depth: 85ft
Visibility: 43-20ft
Dives: 3
Water temperature: 29° C

Marine life: Harlequin ghost pipe fish, Clown trigger fish, Blow fish, Lion fish, Giant clam, Clown fish (Nemo) + + +

The highlight was going to a small cave / tunnel aka "The bat cave" where we looked at the various creatures inside before swiming through it.

My tank bumped a little on the upper wall as it was a narrow exit.

I had some snot in my sinuses (bihuler) and on the second and third dive this was really painful as the dives started.

Ready to hit the sea :-)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We're now certified open water divers! :-)))

Ah so nice! Finally I got a license to dive, been wanting this for a long time, but the water temperature we have in Norway made have second thoughs, this is much better :-) 27 ° C.

Me in pool after doing a back roll entry.

It was all done in 2 weekends. First theory and pool session where we trained on what is to be done in the ocean. Second weekend was at a dive resort called Dive and Trek in Bauan Batangas, approximately 3 hour drive from Makati with not much traffic plus a 10 min outrigger boat ride and there it is.

Dive and Trek Resort

See more pictures from the training and stuff here.