Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lypsing contest

Hey, there is lypsing contest, let's check it out :-)

Not too surpricingly it was gays dressed as women showing of doing their best to give the adience a good show. Indeed it was! :)

Hosting the show was this "sexy lady", introducing each participant and in this picture the winners of a lottery is announced.

Eyelash extenders.. ;-)

Sometimes you actually have to look twice, is this a female or a male? Find the proof in the next picture.

The nipple removes any doubt ;)

Not everyone had the same tallent :D This one wasn't really singing just humming and "screaming".

For some reason many of the popular songs was from the 50's and 60's, maybe because of how the costumes used.

She was in some manner sining, but in general it was all a fun show where the "singing" seemed to be the second most important thing after entertaining.

Oooh gold...

I think this one is pretending to be a pregnant negro.



Ooopen wide, and then swallow the mic.

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