Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm half way to 60!

Downside? of being in an "early timezone", you're having your birthday earlier!
Good night...

Riing! Riing! Riing! Riing! Riing! Riing! Riiiing! RIIIING!
..zzZ...*!?*... THAT early? Its 8 o'clock!
So I'm putting on some clothes to open the door, (still ringing)
- "*Happy birthday!*"
Says the receptionist that was given a card an baloon from Karen yesterday with instructinos to wake me up in an annoyingly manner at 8am ;-)

There I was, sleepy and happy :)

I'm home alone right now the sun is setting and I just got a delivery on the door.
OMG what a cake!

Heheheheheheheeeee :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Easter in Quezon

We went to Karens family's home town Atimonan in the province of Quezon.

Visited the holy mount Banahaw an underground tunnel, a mountain with Jesus statue on top, the vegetable / fruit, fish and meat market, the beach.

See all 62 photos here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lypsing contest

Hey, there is lypsing contest, let's check it out :-)

Not too surpricingly it was gays dressed as women showing of doing their best to give the adience a good show. Indeed it was! :)

Hosting the show was this "sexy lady", introducing each participant and in this picture the winners of a lottery is announced.

Eyelash extenders.. ;-)

Sometimes you actually have to look twice, is this a female or a male? Find the proof in the next picture.

The nipple removes any doubt ;)

Not everyone had the same tallent :D This one wasn't really singing just humming and "screaming".

For some reason many of the popular songs was from the 50's and 60's, maybe because of how the costumes used.

She was in some manner sining, but in general it was all a fun show where the "singing" seemed to be the second most important thing after entertaining.

Oooh gold...

I think this one is pretending to be a pregnant negro.



Ooopen wide, and then swallow the mic.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On top of Taal volcano island

So we finaly got around to visit this place I've been wanting to visit, Taal volcano. It's south east asias smallest volcano. Inside the vulcanos crater is a warm lake, you can swim there they say... (It looks a bit too warm from the picture later in this post)
It's located on an island inside a lake, the lake itself it a huge collapsed crater itself and the city here, Tagaytay, is mainly located around the rim of it.
It has been featured on the TV show "Ripley: Believe it or not".
Both an island within an island and a crater within a crater :-)

On the way down to the lake.

Riding a Banka boat out to Taal volcano island.

On the way we pass a lot of fish farms, here with the dormant volcano in the background.

After getting ashore we had to pay an "admission fee" of Php 50,- per person. Kids wanted to sell us gloves and gauze mask claiming we needed it for the dust. Karen having asthma actually could have needed a mask but managed with a pashmina instead :)
Horses were offered to us for rent of course, a ridiculous price of Php 750,- per person/horse.
(On the way up we were offered the same for Php 300)

Anyway... we headed off on foot :)

Volcano dust was definitely easy too find, here walking up a steep pathway with our feet swimming in dust.

The worst is over, we are heading "there". :)

Here you see steam coming up from the ground.
The woman in the picture (throwing a stick) was our "guide", we got her for Php 200,- as we were late on not knowing how hard it would be to get back down in the darkness. (That ended up being very easy)

At the top, looking down at the lake inside Taal crater.

Same thing, other side.

Steam coming up from the ground at the shore of the crater lake. The white stuff seems to be salts. Bubbles comes up from the water as well.

(The current price for a guide going down to the lake is Php 3000)

We enjoyed a fresh buko (coconut) juice and its meat while the sun was setting. Nice!

Tip: Don't be in a hurry when you are going here, that way you can find transport that is not so costly, we were "robbed" for Php 1500,- in order to get a boat ride + tricycle ride to and from the main road.

Here is a link to another site having more pictures and facts about the place.