Sunday, March 18, 2007

Visit from M&D (5 dec 06 -->)

The stardard cleaning had to happen before visiters arrive but cleaning the place can be a bit more challenging than I'm used to, here cleaning the outside of the windows in the 20th floor ;-)

Then a very good thing - Mom and Dad came visiting :)
In Manila we visited "Intramuros", created during the Spanish reighn in the 14th sentury, having served as both a fort and a business center. Later in the Japaneese reighn it served as a jail and execution chamber. Here we are sitting with our back to the Pasig river that flows through Manila outside the walls. (The new fancy lens I'd bought did a good job several meters away, set to release on timer.)

Figures without faces are still lots of fun :)

The next day we woke up tooo early and headed for Coco Beach where we stayed in cabins like this

We had a great time using our snorkling gear close to some coral reefs, it was just like swiming inside a big aquarium! Really! Unfortunately we dont have any pictures of that, but here is the next bext thing ;-)

At night enjoy the "Silent pool" a little remote from the restaurant etc.

Traveling around around the island Mindoro and between the others islands was almost like in "Skjærgården" in Norway :), only different...

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