Sunday, March 18, 2007

God jul / Maligayang Pasko / Merry Christmas

Then Christmas came - as this is Asia there are lights decorating buildings and trees all over :)
Here is a Christmas tree created by having green light on the balconies of this buliding.

The hotel Shangri La

Main outdoor area of the Mall Greenbelt 3

Same place at GB3 but viewed from the roof of our place

The view from out place

The making of a Christmas card - on the roof where we live

Final result. (With the writing "God jul og Godt nytt år, fra Robert og Karen" or "Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon" on the right hand side.)

A sad sad collection of christmas trees for sale.

Karens nephew JM made sure we got the dose of crying ;) having a happy face most of the time.

I love this pig very much, yummy!

The pigs head cut in two the next day, can you spot the brain? :-)
Christmas food, starting from top left: Spaghetti, Filipino style sweet ham, suckling pig head (oven baked), Pancit bihon (thin noodles, chicken and pork meat and vegtables etc), Sauce and belonging spare ribs, grilled Saint Peters fish (Tilapia), Spaghetti sauce and for desert Buko pandan (Shredded coconut meat, cream, thickened milk, Pandan leaf juice and gel made from coconut juice)

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