Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Jeepney is mine!

On the 30th March 2007 this Beauty :-) of a Jeepney changed its owner.

It will give me and the driver income every day its on the road, the driver also handles maintenance.

Luckily Karens brother is working for "the jeepney organization" being a great help here!

What is a jeepney? It is like a taxi/buss, it goes the same route every day, you can enter and get off almost anywhere along the route. The minimum fare is 7 pesos. (a little less than 1 NOK)
The route of this one is:
Saint Anne (Sta. Ana in tagalog), Tulay, Paco, Leon guinto, via Padre Faura

It might look old but it should last a minimum of another 10 years, and in less than 2 years I should have got the invested money back.
Thats a pretty good interest rate :-)

Now.. every jeepney here (except this one) has a "Logo" on the shiny front panel above the front window, it is very common to have something like "Lord save our trip" or the owers name etc. This Jeepney of course needs a logo but what should it be...
Here in the Phillipines there is a TV show running every day called "Eat bulaga!" they have some sexy dancers making the show more interresting ;) Anyway... their current song is a hit so "everyone" knows the phrase "Itaktak mo!"
Meaning something like "pour me out" (as if your beer bottle says this and you have to empty it ;-) )
And that will be the logo "Itaktak mo!"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

God jul / Maligayang Pasko / Merry Christmas

Then Christmas came - as this is Asia there are lights decorating buildings and trees all over :)
Here is a Christmas tree created by having green light on the balconies of this buliding.

The hotel Shangri La

Main outdoor area of the Mall Greenbelt 3

Same place at GB3 but viewed from the roof of our place

The view from out place

The making of a Christmas card - on the roof where we live

Final result. (With the writing "God jul og Godt nytt år, fra Robert og Karen" or "Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon" on the right hand side.)

A sad sad collection of christmas trees for sale.

Karens nephew JM made sure we got the dose of crying ;) having a happy face most of the time.

I love this pig very much, yummy!

The pigs head cut in two the next day, can you spot the brain? :-)
Christmas food, starting from top left: Spaghetti, Filipino style sweet ham, suckling pig head (oven baked), Pancit bihon (thin noodles, chicken and pork meat and vegtables etc), Sauce and belonging spare ribs, grilled Saint Peters fish (Tilapia), Spaghetti sauce and for desert Buko pandan (Shredded coconut meat, cream, thickened milk, Pandan leaf juice and gel made from coconut juice)

Visit from M&D (5 dec 06 -->)

The stardard cleaning had to happen before visiters arrive but cleaning the place can be a bit more challenging than I'm used to, here cleaning the outside of the windows in the 20th floor ;-)

Then a very good thing - Mom and Dad came visiting :)
In Manila we visited "Intramuros", created during the Spanish reighn in the 14th sentury, having served as both a fort and a business center. Later in the Japaneese reighn it served as a jail and execution chamber. Here we are sitting with our back to the Pasig river that flows through Manila outside the walls. (The new fancy lens I'd bought did a good job several meters away, set to release on timer.)

Figures without faces are still lots of fun :)

The next day we woke up tooo early and headed for Coco Beach where we stayed in cabins like this

We had a great time using our snorkling gear close to some coral reefs, it was just like swiming inside a big aquarium! Really! Unfortunately we dont have any pictures of that, but here is the next bext thing ;-)

At night enjoy the "Silent pool" a little remote from the restaurant etc.

Traveling around around the island Mindoro and between the others islands was almost like in "Skjærgården" in Norway :), only different...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

New blog RoblomTech

Today I created a new blog for the technical information that I read.
You find it here:

This blog about my life in the Philippines will still be updated, believe it or not - yes, I know, I know, its not updated for "years"... Eh I just did, right? ;-)