Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My first real earthquake!

Today I felt a "real" earthquake for the first time.

First we thought we were dizzy but then, no, the building is going from side to side!
The chime in the window was starting swing from side to side and to play, it lasted for about 20 seconds.

The earthquake was 6.0, but 4.2 in Luzon, as we live on the 20th floor it felt greater, 195Km from its origin.

Links to websites about the shake: USGS, GMANews

THE Volcano, Mount PInatubo

In 1991 the biggest explosion the world had seen in more than 100 years occurs, Mount Pinatubo errupted!

AMCI Batch 2006 organized a climb here and we joined :-)

Mainly we walked in what was a "small river" that after the erruption was converted into a "desert valley", not by lava but by flooding lahar (water and ash). Massive!

Monday, November 12, 2007


11.11.07 the day we sat personal records!

1.5 years ago I had maximum ran 7-8km, then after joining the training with AMCI we've been running longer and longer, first milestone was 10k, then our "exam" was 15k, then one day we did 20k (very slowly) so why not join the New Balance Power Race 25k? :-)
1 year ago 3k was a challenge for Karen, we both signed up!

The same day as we arrived at the airport from our "sidetrip" after the BMC Induction Climb, we headed for "Clark Freeport Zone" (Formely the biggest US army base outside of US, now it holds various establishments and private communities.) a very sceneric place! When I was feeling tired of running I would relax a bit and enjoy the good view to try and forget the lactic acid building up in my muscles ;)
Unfortunately I didn't run with my (1 kilo) camera so the 5 water buffalos grassing on big plains with mountain ranges in the background can only be imagined.

Here are some pictures:

My face is sooo red! :) and only half way...

So tired but smiling, of course!
12K, the last waterstation before the turning point at 12,5 (then going back the same way)

In the middle of nowhere and still going strong :)

Most of the AMCI people that joined the race (Only TB didn't finish)

FINISH! So happy :-))

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we did it!

Our precious feet longing for some pampering!

In the bag we got at the finishline there was a cream for helping aching mucles, a bandaid for the same and a tablet again for the same and today the day after there is a lot of aching going on! :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

TC2 Mariveles mountain ridges

The second training climb with BMC is well over, it was a great nature experience as I hope you can see from the pictures in the picasa album.

The treck took place along the mountain ridges of Mount Mariveles, Balaan, a 2-3 hour drive north of Manila (when there is little traffic).

We mostly walked "inside" the forest and had to use ropes in some places. The weather was on our side with clouds the first day, a little rain during the night and partially sunny the next day.

Here is the view we had before entering "The Jungle" and grass and big trees were the basic scenery.

Apart from my blisters this was a trouble free treck and we're both looking forward to TC3, a climb that will be over 3 days in colder and higher climate. :-)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Christina Aguilera concert - Back to Basics tour

Of course we had to see this "hot mama" when she was in Manila (at "The Fort") the 6th July.
By now I'm well aware of "Filipino time" but still, this was a concert we didn't wan't to miss the start of so when it was said to "start" at 6pm we didn't want to delay it too long, so arrived at 6:30...

"No people", we were the "first one there", oh well, let's eat the pizza we brought before entering at least :-)

[Nammmm, Corona chicken salsa pizza from Yellow cab with lime juice on top.]

Being prepared for the "Oh well" is always good!

The concert started 8:30PM after the street dancers All stars's had warmed up the crowd.

I guess there are better V.I.P. (at the very front, not us) seats elsewhere compared to these white plastic chairs. At the back of the chairs was a fence before the standing spectators, they didn't see much as that was realy faaar back.

[Enjoying the view of white chairs]

Having to kill time there was no way we were going to say no to free tatooes. "Henna" they said, but that was just to indicate that it was not permanent, it was actually glue + some glittering powder in the colour of your choice. It had to be black :-)
[Yeeey, so exited to have a tatoo]

"No cameras allowed" so we left them at home.
(Still some people had cameras... grrr)

We brought 2 binoculars and in combination with my cellphone's camera I managed to take a few "decent" shots :-)

The program, as printed at the back of an official t-shirt.

When it was 2 minutes left of the concert it started raining, perfect timing :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hiking trip to Cinco Picos, BMC TC1

We have joined a training program that if completed will result in membership in AMCI.

So these days we are busy every Wedesday and Sunday with BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course).

Finally, last weekend 14-15 July we had our first trip "into the wild". The bus ride started 04:00 at night. Initially it didn't rain bus that was soon to change! The forecast showed a typhoon lurking close by, but not bad enough to cancel the trip.

Anyway, for pictures check out the photo album.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hipp hipp hurra for 17. Mai!! :-)

After getting the best invitation to come celebrating the 17th of May we of course had to go, and it is was a good time!

"Camilla" was wishing everyone welcome before we paraded (gikk i tog) around the gras in the middle of the buildings a few times, hummed to norwegian songs and shouted
Hipp hipp hurraaaaa!!! Hurra hurra hurraaa!!

After all the activity we enjoyed the elementary food on a day like this, pølse i brød, hot dog :)

Karen is just very fond of kids! :-)

Then we had some games and I participated in a potato, bag-jumping and go around the bottle for 20 times -relay race (stafett)

Here I have to see myself beaten ;)

Posing ;)

After the games and a good service (gudstjeneste) by the Norvegian priest Stein Vangen we went to the official celebration hosted by the Norwegian embassy, at the Mandarin hotel, Grand ballroom.

Here together with the official representative of the Philippine government and the Norwegian ambassador.

When home and about to open the door,
"Oh no! Where is the key??"
3 hours later we are again home and happy we were able to retrieve the spare key on a short notice! :-)))

Very relieved!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

More swimming in the aquarium

This saturday we went for a day-trip of diving, again to the same place as before Dive and Trek in Batangas.

It was magical just like this castle on the way ;)

We had to deal with a falling coconut tree blocking the way.

It was a great day with lots of nice things to look at. Thank's to Neil for planning the route :)

Total driving: 7 hours
Diving: 125minutes
Max depth: 97 ft / 29,5m
Avg depth: 85ft
Visibility: 43-20ft
Dives: 3
Water temperature: 29° C

Marine life: Harlequin ghost pipe fish, Clown trigger fish, Blow fish, Lion fish, Giant clam, Clown fish (Nemo) + + +

The highlight was going to a small cave / tunnel aka "The bat cave" where we looked at the various creatures inside before swiming through it.

My tank bumped a little on the upper wall as it was a narrow exit.

I had some snot in my sinuses (bihuler) and on the second and third dive this was really painful as the dives started.

Ready to hit the sea :-)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We're now certified open water divers! :-)))

Ah so nice! Finally I got a license to dive, been wanting this for a long time, but the water temperature we have in Norway made have second thoughs, this is much better :-) 27 ° C.

Me in pool after doing a back roll entry.

It was all done in 2 weekends. First theory and pool session where we trained on what is to be done in the ocean. Second weekend was at a dive resort called Dive and Trek in Bauan Batangas, approximately 3 hour drive from Makati with not much traffic plus a 10 min outrigger boat ride and there it is.

Dive and Trek Resort

See more pictures from the training and stuff here.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm half way to 60!

Downside? of being in an "early timezone", you're having your birthday earlier!
Good night...

Riing! Riing! Riing! Riing! Riing! Riing! Riiiing! RIIIING!
..zzZ...*!?*... THAT early? Its 8 o'clock!
So I'm putting on some clothes to open the door, (still ringing)
- "*Happy birthday!*"
Says the receptionist that was given a card an baloon from Karen yesterday with instructinos to wake me up in an annoyingly manner at 8am ;-)

There I was, sleepy and happy :)

I'm home alone right now the sun is setting and I just got a delivery on the door.
OMG what a cake!

Heheheheheheheeeee :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Easter in Quezon

We went to Karens family's home town Atimonan in the province of Quezon.

Visited the holy mount Banahaw an underground tunnel, a mountain with Jesus statue on top, the vegetable / fruit, fish and meat market, the beach.

See all 62 photos here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lypsing contest

Hey, there is lypsing contest, let's check it out :-)

Not too surpricingly it was gays dressed as women showing of doing their best to give the adience a good show. Indeed it was! :)

Hosting the show was this "sexy lady", introducing each participant and in this picture the winners of a lottery is announced.

Eyelash extenders.. ;-)

Sometimes you actually have to look twice, is this a female or a male? Find the proof in the next picture.

The nipple removes any doubt ;)

Not everyone had the same tallent :D This one wasn't really singing just humming and "screaming".

For some reason many of the popular songs was from the 50's and 60's, maybe because of how the costumes used.

She was in some manner sining, but in general it was all a fun show where the "singing" seemed to be the second most important thing after entertaining.

Oooh gold...

I think this one is pretending to be a pregnant negro.



Ooopen wide, and then swallow the mic.