Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New things and old things

This living far away from home things gives me a lot of new experiences.

Recently I tries a waterfree urinal, for some reason it didn't smell pee as it does in many urinals with running water, it also said it saved 15000 liters of waer a year. (Hurray!!)

I also learned that ants find their way up two the 20th floor in a new building, yes we have a small ant problem... (and most of the units in this building are still not occupied)

My name is Joe, or at least it would be convenient. "Hey Joe!" I've heard, and they mean something like "Hey Mr. White guy!". Joe is like the general term for Americans and to many I look American, hence I'm "Joe" :)Typically they just wanna grab my attention and wave, just being friendly.

English was not long ago (some years) added as an official language together with Tagalog, so this country now has two official languages, just like in Norway have two official languages (both are norwegian ;) ). So if you work in any local authority office you have to reply a letter you recieve in the same language.

Most/many people in Manila (Especialy in Makati) area like to speak "Taglish". Taglish is a combination of Tagalog and English, and the less centralised the less English is spoken. It's amazing how you can sit and eavesdrop to a Taglish conversation and almost understand what they're talking about. I've done this especially at Starbucks (Coffee shop with wi-fi connection). In locations close to businesses where they probably are dealing with international clients it's more and more english in the conversations ;) - And they speak as if the foreign guy (Joe) at the next table can't understand ;)

Smoking cigarettes is for the "rich" people, it's a way here to show that you are well off. Too bad!Especially women is smoking, very few men compared to women, here in the business area that is at least.

Phillipinos speaks in general well english, and just like in any other country where it's not their first spoken language one pretend to understand you even though he/she might not. E.g. the security guy in the reception here where we live is smiling and nodding when I speak, now I have learned to understand from his funny smile that he is not really understanding, just being "polite" ;-)

Gesticulation is the most powerfull language I have learned so far!

I have always dissliked washing clothes, back home I waited until I had very few clothes left and then washed all at the same time and it went like this:- Fill up the machine with clothes, start it and hang up clothes for drying after 1-2 hours.

Now I disslike it even more ;)- We have only cold water so we have to use a cleaning service now and then to get it properly clean.- The machine takes very few clothes; do it more often.- It's semi-manual; adding soap and water, draining the water, squeeze out water from the clothes, add more water for cleansing the soap from the clothes, draining, doing it all over again, then a last time squeezing before putting into the "spinner" before hanging up for drying.

At home in Norway I live in the 3rd floor, it's the "penthouse", here I live in the 20th floor, and its just about half way up the building! There are 39 floors here but in reality its 36 (allthough the first floor / ground floor has a very tall ceiling). 13 is missing due to bad luck...........

Here is from the left hand side view out the window.

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Tanzaniajentene said...

Hei Robert! kjekt å høre litt hvordan du har det *:)* synes fortsatt det er SÅ kult at du satser alt på dette:)

Ha en strålende dag!