Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cucurachi - Cockroach in the house!

Life is good, I'm sitting in my pyjamas enjoying eating a good dinner with ice cold beer on the side!

Then something is tickling on my belly and towards my chest...... AAAAAAaa OO OOO OO *waving both arms wildly towards the tickling thingy* AAAAAaaaaaaah SHIT! OMG! Brrrrr! And there on the floor it was, a cockroach lying on it's back strugling to get back on its feet. It never made it!
My hartbeat jumped faster in rate that it's done in a long long time :-D

Probably it understood there was someone feasting in food and climbed up my pyjamas covered legs wanting to join in. (And we live way above ground, never thought this thing would be a problem...)

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