Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Free internet and powerfailure

Yeasterday we found a starbucks that has free internet (not adverticed, it just work...)
With high spirits hoping from free access today as well, I had just finished my breakfast; Stopped to buy a "0% fat 0% sugar" icecream, looked really good, the lady serving it was very friendly too ;-), so I went for "Tall" (Medium size).
She forgot to put my fruit (banana) in before the ice cream so it ended up on top, then she added some more ice cream (pink color) on top, then chocolate syrup, yes it spilled over the cup and I ate at the counter using toilet paper to clean it up, until no more could spill.

So anyway, I was carrying this healthy ice cream which tastes a bit like flour, but still "ok" on my way to "free internet star bucks café". Going into the underground passage to to cross the street the lights were all out, small emergency lights (that is present all over the country, running on batteries) were on. I started to get a bad feeling, yes, starbucks was dark!
"No coffee, only ice tea & ice coffee for the moment po!" ("Po" is when speaking polite to someone)

Opening the laptop still hoping, but no, the wi-fi is of course down as well. Having thousands of thing to do online I now feel a bit helpless. Oh well, lets write this blog entry instead :)

So here I'm sitting, feeling the nice cool air slowly changing to the same temperature as outside, my stumack full of spicy chicken from "Pinoy sizzlers" (really good) and topped with pink ice cream. Here is a picture of what's left of the "0% bad stuff" candy and my cup of water. Also you can see a "dead" star bucks, not much happening here now.

Aaah I'm sweating!

Here they have security gards opening and closing the doors, what does he do now? He opens the door to stand and chat to his colleague - Letting a warm wind in my face, I wave him over and ask him to close the door, his colleague leaves and he goes back and.. oh yes, he opens the door, like thats what I asked him..
AaaaaI'm sweating! :-D
(So I asked him again and he left to do something else, e.g. pick up garbage from the tables here. Now He's back at the transparent glass door, opening it looking out, as it he can not see through class. I give up! ;)

Found another place with electricity so here I am publishing this blog ;-P