Sunday, September 17, 2006

"The trip", part 2. Sagada

Next stop was Sagada in the Mountain province

As you can see the weather was not at it's best this day, and this picture is not lying, we could haaardly see the yellow divider line in the middle of road and still the bus was going at normal (if not even faster) speed. Sagada is in the mountans, so the road was going up up and up, hence the fog(clouds) and the road was mostly hairpin bends.

In this picture here we are actually passing another vehicle in this bad weather and bendy road. Good thing the bus had a horn to alert others...

This was the first time I was freezing, honey too :)

Some more pictures of this "exciting" trip :)

Here is were I get excited! A car litterally filled with (Chinese) cabbage.

CR = Comfort room, or "toilet", it's usually a water closet, but you might have to pour the water yourself, and there might not be any water around, and by all means having your own tissue/paper for wiping is really good! So why they call it a "comfort" room I don't know...
Probably because it's always nice taking a dump regardless of the place :-D

At Sagada it was raining heavily but it ended just before we had to leave for our next destination. So from Lonely Planet we learned about the "Hanging coffins" and set out to find them.

Here we are passing by the stone church on our coffin expedition.

The surroundings combined with the weather made it a bit spooky.
Here passing through the semetary.

Narrow pathways leading up to view over the valley with the hanging coffins.

In the end (probably after passing several ghosts) we found the hanging coffins! :-) Here you see them hanging high up in the mountain side on two different locations. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go over to them.

Here you see Sagada center, we stayed in the peach coloured building at the back, and our ride out of here was the blue jeepney to the right. From Sagada we went on a long journey to Banaue, Bagabag and then Tuguegarao were we again slept in a bed :) See Part 3


Anonymous said...

Hei Robert!

Du er lur du :) her begynner det å blir høst - kalt - ullgenser - frost - jakke. Du ser tegningen.

Lurer på om jeg ikke må snakke med jan om å få en utviklingsavdeling der nede hos dere :) 26 grader i sjøen! Da er det jo så varmt at nesten jeg også kan bade.. Jeg luftet ideen om kanariøyene og Leif Selander var veldig enig.

Men hvor lenge har du tenkt å være der nede da?

Dere får stikke innom å ta en kaffe når dere kommer til "gamlelandet".

Anonymous said...

Morn der nede - sikkert natta for deg nå. Fant litt tid til å rote meg inn på msnmsngr ikveld, så da må jeg jo poste en kommentar :)

Godt å høre at det er bra der nede, fikk akkurat fanget nyheten om at du og Karen hadde et joint-venture fra pappa... Hadde visst fått høre det da de hentet den nye båten til din far...

Prates snart igjen.
// Sven Ivar