Saturday, September 16, 2006

"The trip", part 1. Se-Bay + Baguio

So our trip starts, heading for "Se-Bay" a surf resort just outside of San Fernando in the Province La Union.

This pic is not from the very beginning but it's a typical one ;-)

This is how our first room looked like, one of the few at this resort having a double bed. (It was terrible by the way ;-) )

Beginners and more experienced surfers were out in the waves, here is a picture of a normal day when we visited the place, the waves were not too big. The sea temperature warm, easily 26 degrees celcius, nice! :) After a total surfing experience of 1,5 hours, and a big smile from the good start we went on to Baguio city.

(A river with fish pens on the way)

Here is our dinner one day, it's equivalent to less than 10 NOK, the cheapest dinner so far.

As I'm very sensitive for sound/noise as I can't sleep if there is too much of it (my place back home in norway is very quiet) so we usually asked for a quiet place/hotel wherever we came, so in Baguio we was recomended the Henricos hotel, ok it was quiet... at night!

But at close to 06:00 AM this %#¤=!@&* rooster was next to our room (picture taken from bathroom window), cock-a-doodle-doooooooo - cock-a-doodle-doooooo. We moved to a new hotel after that! ;) Hehe I can laugh now, actually I laughed then as well, but with a very tired face :-p

I wasn't the only one annoyed by the sound, if you look close enough there is "something" lying in bed hidden under the pillow and blankets :-D

Exploring the spots in Baguio city the we had to check to underwear on the statues. We are on our way to Burnham park here.

Baguio Cathedral.

This is me in the future with a walking stick (and an axe ;) ), taken in one of the many souvenier shops at the city market.

It was a rainy day and here is the main street of Baguio.

More warrior fun at the city market shops :) Pretending to be two Warriors :)

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