Friday, September 08, 2006

Living as a "Filipino"

Hi, so finally I ended up at blogspot.. and in a foreign contry, I'm now a foreigner and can feel every day that people look up as you pass more often than back home.

Here are some "facts" and my comments:
- A real filipino eats 5 or more times a day (and takes time doing it), I'm not quite there yet ;)
Breakfast, snack, lunch (1hr min), snack, dinner, snack ++
- Having the cash rolled up keeping then at your waist between your pant and your skin (you might not have a pocket)
- Txt msgs r as shrt s p0sble & "0" nstd f "o" s cmn. cn u rd ds? ;)
I'm starting to be able to read the text messages now, in the beginning I handed the phone over to my honey Karen for translation :)
- Being tired seems common, on the busses the conductor shakes his hand holding coins as he moves, and we think this is because people half asleep can get ready to pay as he gets closer. This made perfectly sence yeasterday as I was very sleepy. (We are currently staying at a questionable hotel every night as we are looking for a good place to stay, the contracts here is at a minimum of 6months (with 2 months deposit you loose upon breaking the contract) so I dont want to sign up for one too fast.
- Using an umbrella mid day when the sun is shining actually makes sense here, the sun is very intense. In addition there might come some sudden rain as well, here in the city you see mostly tall buildings and as the rainy season is still here it might suddenly come a dark cloud over the roof tops.
- Only 2 seasons exist, rainy season and summer. Its safe to say that I'm not looking forward to the summer as they say it will get very hot. But I'll survive ;)

Well, now its back to work! (Karen is out looking for a place to stay, I had to stop doing that mid day as little work was done) More later!


Anonymous said...

Robb coooooooooool!!!Donot be mad.....nice place.Have more fun...Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Ser ut som du har det kjempebra!! Har tenkt meg på en aldri så liten jorda rundt tur neste år så da kanskje du kan inspirere meg til å dra dit du dro :) Skal ihvertfall rundt i Asia endel..kos deg videre!!