Friday, September 29, 2006

The first typhoon experience

Yeasterday there was a typhoon here! It was the first typhoon experience I've had, so I was a bit excited :)
This stuff I had only seen on TV.

Before going to bed the day before it said on the news that a typhoon was on its way, it ranges in strength from 1-4 (after 4 it becomes an hurricane), the TV said Metro Manila would be hit with strength 2.

As we woke up there was a "noise" outside, we figured it could some signboard fluttering in the wind. Going to the reception people was talking a bit loud and mentioning a flooded hallway.

Correct, the back entrance was flodded with water, one guy was holding the door shut. I had to go in there and see how it looked.

It was first too much rain inside the 10 meter long hallway that I didn't take a picture, but as you can see I changed my mind after some time ;-)

You can also see people hiding from the weather here.

Outside we found the "noise", as you can see.

We wanted to take a cab to Starbucks in central Makati, no taxi driver would go there as the road to there was flodded. So we took the bus. Trafic was slow and trees was "lying all over the place" :)

Here you can get an idea of how windy and rainy it was, it also shows a big structure for signboards. Taking down the signboards is a standard precaution before typhoons.

And on this picture you can see some guys working to take down a smaller signboard (probably they thought it wasn't neccessary at first)

The aftermath. A park in Metro Manila.

Now the second day we can see even bushes still bending the way the wind blew yeasterday. basically all trees (except a few palm trees) are bent that way.
No electricity in big areas, luckily the malls or similar have power generators.

We love Starbucks ;) (Here I am working outside a closed starbucks having bought some wi-fi credit)

We bought an extension for the power outlet and it's HIT at various coffee shops with wi-fi connection. (Now crowded with people in need of an internet connection)

We are in good shape!

An small article about the event.

A series of pictures from the destructions

Some people from Kristiansand (my hometown) helping people in need

(editing the third day after)
We have learned that "all" the hotels are fully booked as most residential areas here and also nearby provinces are without electricity.

In general this seems aaalmost like a normal event for people here, if this was back home if would be "really bad". One fact is of course that its warmer here and you wount die from the cold here.. Today the generator where we stay "went down", no worries, and later on it was back on :)

Still in good shape!

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